Grounded Dark Descent Burgl Chip Location | Where to Find

Looking for the Dark Descent Burgl Chip inĀ Grounded? We’re here to help. Each of these exclusive Burgl Chips is hidden across the game’s open map. You’re armed with just a riddle, then sent out to find them. The Dark Descent Burgl Chip is an especially elusive one, so join us as we look at where to find it in Grounded.

Where to Find the Dark Descent Burgl Chip in Grounded

Where to Find the Dark Descent Burgl Chip in Grounded

As one of the Chipsleuth quests, finding this rare Burgl Chip is no easy feat. The riddle teasing its location is particularly vague, with references to mountains and soldiers, but here is where to find it.

The Dark Descent Burgl Chip can unlock some pretty lucrative rewards, so unsurprisingly, it’s tough to track down. You have to head to the Black Anthill, which is the largest of its kind in Grounded. There are entrances to Black Anthill in the Sandbox and Trash Heap, so head in through one of these routes. Note that you’ll need a gas mask to enter via the Trash Heap, and you’ll need to biplane in through the Sandbox entrance.

Next, you’ll have to battle your way through an array of ant soldiers, as teased in the riddle. It’ll take a lot of combat to defeat these swathes of ant opponents. Once that’s done, however, it’s relatively plain sailing from there. When the ants are dealt with, all you need to do is follow the anthill as it goes on. From there you can grab the elusive chip.

Once collected, the chip can be used alongside other Burgl Chips to exchange in return for items in Burgl’s Swap Shop. There’s some good loot in there, so prepare to hunt down all the chips. There are nine others, so you’ll have plenty of sleuthing to do!