Grounded Fish Bowl Burgl Chip Location | Where to Find

Grounded is an open-world adventure with plenty of collectibles to find, and none are as elusive as Burgl Chips. These hard-to-find items give you Raw Science, a currency used to upgrade new research and improve your stats even further. One of the trickiest Burgl Chips is the Fish Bowl, which is particularly hidden away. Fear not, as we break down where to find the Grounded Fish Bowl Burgl Chip.

Where to Find the Fish Bowl Burgl Chip in Grounded

Grounded Fish Bowl Burgl Chip

The Fish Bowl Burgl Chip is especially hard to find, as it actually resides outside of the visible parameters of the Grounded map. That’s because it’s located in an underwater lab within the pond.

To get this particular chip, you need to head to the pond. Near the oak tree you’ll find a twig sinking into the water. Follow that forwards, and hop over the four lily pads on the pond. Once you’re at the edge of the last lily pad, dive into the water and start swimming directly downward. You’ll need to keep going for a while, passing the t-rex underwater, and following the arches at the bed of the water.

As you follow these arches, you’ll see several yellow power boxes along the way. Turn them on by interacting with the switches at the bottom of each box. You’ll have to power up four boxes, which then illuminates the underwater lab, and a door in which to enter. Then make your way through the lab, turning on the power, and climb to the very top via stairs and ramps. You’ll find a computer, and next to it is the Fish Bowl Burgl Chip. From there, it’s all yours to upgrade equipment and improve your character!