Grounded Flower Petals | How to Get

The wide world of Grounded contains a variety of everyday objects that are magnified in size. As you explore more of the backyard, you’ll eventually discover several gigantic materials, one of which is Flower Petals. These plant materials are an important resource in the creation of various equipment. As such, you’ll need to search for them eventually. To make finding Flower Petals easier, we’ve written down all the locations you’ll want to search below.

How to Get Flower Petals in Grounded

How to Get Flower Petals in Grounded

You’ll can find Flower Petals in Grounded by heading to any area within the backyard that contains flowers. The best places to look are the section to the east and west of the Oak Tree, and the area past the pond to the north.

Grounded - flower petal sitting on ground waiting to be picked up

You can then find Flower Petals lying on the ground, which you’ll simply have to approach and pick up. We recommend opting to get the ones on the east side, as there aren’t any enemies patrolling the immediate area. However, there may be a bunch of stray Orb Weaver Spiderlings wandering around, so you’ll still need to keep an eye out.

On the other hand, the area on the west side is not only filled with Mosquitoes but also Orb Weavers. You’ll have to do a lot of maneuvering around that location. The area to the north past the pond also contains a ton of the blood-sucking insects which you’ll most likely want to steer clear of.

Once you’ve acquired the Flower Petals, you can then head to any Field Station within the vicinity to find out which objects you can craft with it. Some of the more prominent items you can create include the Ladybug Chestplate, the Ladybug Shin Guards, the Grinder, and the Mint Mace.

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