Grounded Garden Patch | What Does it Do?

One of the best but most underrated ways to farm for materials or food in Grounded is with the Garden Patch. Additionally, you can double it as a decorative feature for your base to give it more of a homier feel rather than a desolate one. However, prior to doing this, you must first know how to build, use, and sustain your Garden Patch effectively. That’s why we have everything you need to right here, from what it does to how to use it.

What Does the Garden Patch Do in Grounded?

What Does the Garden Patch Do in Grounded?

The Garden Patch in Grounded is a craftable item that allows you to plant and grow both food-related resources. To unlock the recipe, you’ll need to Analyze an Acorn Top. Once completed, you’ll see the recipe to make it, which consists of 8x Crude Rope, 6x Weed Stem, 1x Acorn Top, and 1x Spoiled Meat.

Now that you have you’re Garden Patch, you’ll be looking to grow and harvest from it. The items you can plant and grow are Clover Leaves, Plant Fibers, Sprigs, Mushrooms, Large Mushrooms, and Toadstool Mushrooms. The growth of your plants depends on the fertilizer you choose. The two options for fertilizer are Spoiled Meat and Rotten Food.

There are a total of five fertilizer slots, with each one granting a 10% increase for each piece of Rotten Food or Spoiled Meat added. Using Spoiled Meat as fertilizer will reduce the growth time of both plants and mushrooms by up to 50%. While using Rotten Food as fertilizer increases the Green Thumb Chance of plants and mushrooms by up to 50%.

Green Thumb Chance is the probability of growing a unique variant of whatever you planted. Therefore, if you plant Sprigs and then fertilize the soil with rotten food, they will develop into a unique variety that produces more Sprigs for harvest. Or, if Mushroom Chunks are planted, they will develop into larger versions, producing a greater yield. This is another way players have decorated their homes to give walkways or interior spaces a little bit more of an appearance.