Grounded Green Shield Bug | Where to Find

If taking on the Green Shield Bug is the next step in your Grounded progression, you’ll need to know where to look for it and how to beat it. As doing so will give you some vital loot, such as Green Shield Bug Parts, Tough Gunk, and the crucial Super Stink Sack. However, before you obtain those, you must first locate its discrete location and adequately prepare to combat the stinkbug variants’ toxic fumes. And with all the tips and tricks at our disposal, we’ll show you just how!

Where to Find Green Shield Bug in Grounded

Where to Find Green Shield Bug in Grounded

The Green Shield Bug in Grounded can be found under the deck of the shed. To get there, make your way up the cobblestone path to the fallen-over red bike. You can easily climb it to get onto the deck of the shed. From there head to the left of the shed, between the titled pot and crushed soda can. Right in between them is a crack in the deck wood that you can safely drop down into. This is also where you’ll find the Green Shield Bug.

However, before you traverse your way into battle, there are a few things you may want to consider. The Green Shield Bug is a stinkbug variant, which means most of the damage you’ll take will come from the poisonous gas it emits. And without any immunization, you won’t be able to get in close to deal damage. That’s why you unquestionably need Gastro Goo as it makes you immune to the poisonous gas.

To get Gastro Goo you’ll need to make a Smoothie Station. Which you unlock by researching acorn tops you find at the base of the Oak tree. Once you’ve researched and made your Smoothie Station, you’ll need to unlock the recipe for Gastro Goo. You may have it already if you’re Brain Power is a high enough level or you can unlock it by researching one of the required items. The required items you’ll need for Gastro Goo are 1x Stinkbug Gas Sack, 1x Fungal Growth, and 1x Aphid Honeydew.