Grounded Hot and Hazy Update Adds Super-Strength Milk Molars

The latest Grounded update is here, and it’s a big one. Alongside a new biome, several new environments, and some brand-new armor, the Hot and Hazy update introduces a new game-changing item. Those are Milk Molars — a chewy snack that when harvested will grant your character astounding new stat boosts. Join us as we take a look at the latest Grounded update and the new content, items, and biomes within.

Grounded Hot and Hazy Update: Milk Molars, The Haze, and More

Grounded Hot and Hazy Update

Yes, the most exciting new addition to Grounded is the Milk Molars. Designed to look like classic doughy candies,  these release a sparkling gem when crushed. Take this gem, and you can choose one of your stats to dramatically upgrade. Regular Milk Molars can help upgrade your health and mutation stats. The more rare variants give you even better perks, like boosted ammo capacity. You’ll certainly want to keep an eye out for Milk Molars, as they can starkly improve your Grounded character.

That’s not all though, as the new Grounded update adds a brand-new biome. Called the Sandbox, this scorching-hot environment provides a new veneer of challenge to players. Buried beneath the sand are all-new treasures to uncover, but enemies too – and the tease of crabs lurking beneath is enough to make anyone shudder. That’s alongside an update to the Haze biome, with mysterious new enemies to grapple.

This Grounded update also introduces three new environments. There’s the Black Anthill, the Trash Heap, and the Picnic Table, all ready to explore. That’s on top of eight new in-game friends to meet and talk with, three new armor sets, and several new bugs to fight, too. Most excitingly, there’s a new mini-boss that developer Obsidian has purposefully omitted from the official patch notes, leaving it up to players to uncover for themselves.

This new update adds plenty to Grounded, as it continues to expand its impressive roster of small-world activities to enjoy.