Grounded | How to Tame Pets

Grounded has a tremendous amount of wildlife that you’ll encounter as you journey throughout the backyard. Some creatures will be indifferent towards you, but most insects will be incredibly hostile. Luckily, a few specific creatures can be domesticated. The problem is that the game doesn’t exactly show you how to make them docile. If you want to find out how to tame pets and make a new friend, here’s what you need to know.

How to Tame Pets in Grounded

How to Tame Pets in Grounded

You can tame pets in Grounded by using a Grinder to create either a Plant, Mushroom, or Spoiled Meat Slurry. In order to build a Grinder, you’ll have to collect two Weed Stems, two Acorn Shells, three Flower Petals, and five Red Ant Parts. Once it’s been constructed, you can make as many Slurries as you want.

Slurries can then be dropped in front of a few specific animals, which they will then consume. Once they’ve eaten the dropped food item, they’ll become your pet that will follow you around wherever you go.

They’re also incredibly useful, because pets can serve as a roving stash, allowing you to stash away 10 items. Additionally, they provide bonus perks depending on the insect that you tame.

Keep in mind, though, that each Slurry corresponds to a specific insect in the game. Here are the list of Pets you can tame along with their benefits and the Slurry that you should feed them:

  • Aphids: Plant Slurry / reduces Stamina drain rate while sprinting
  • Weevils: Mushroom Slurry / reduces Thirst drain rate
  • Gnats: Spoiled Meat Slurry / increases Glide Speed with a Dandelion Tuft

To make Plant Slurry, you’ll need to place one piece of Plant Fiber into the Grinder. Mushroom Slurry will require one Mushroom to make. You’ll also be able to use one Toadstool piece to make 10 Mushroom Slurries. Finally, you’ll only need one piece of Spoiled Meat to create Spoiled Meat Slurry.

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