Grounded | How to Upgrade Weapons

The final pre-launch update for Grounded added a lot of new content, including a complete overhaul of weapon upgrades. The most significant change is that quartzite is no longer used to upgrade weapons, which may be a letdown for those of you who have been stockpiling it. Nonetheless, we’ll show you the new resource you need and how to use it to upgrade weapons in Grounded.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Grounded

How to Upgrade Weapons in Grounded

To upgrade weapons in Grounded, you’ll need tough nuggets as well as a smithing station. The smithing station is where you upgrade weapons, and tough nuggets are the resources you use for upgrading. With that in mind, let’s discuss how to build the smithing station and where to find tough nuggets.

The new requirements for building the smithing station are one Tough Nugget, one Fashion Nugget, four Crude Rope, and two Sap. Tough nuggets spawn all across the map, so it shouldn’t be hard to find and start collecting them. If you also see a Rock of Fashion while you’re out, grab them, they’re fashion nuggets used for armor upgrades.

You can begin upgrading your weapon now that you have your smithing station and a collection of tough nuggets. Simply place the weapon you want to upgrade on your smithing station, and it will request two tough nuggets to upgrade to level one. The tough nugget requirement will then double with each level upgrade until you reach max level five (10 Tough Nuggets to upgrade). At this point, your weapon will be upgraded to the max. However, you can upgrade it past this point to level six, but it requires you to enchant it.

There are four enchantments for weapons, Mighty, Fresh, Spicy, and Salty. Each one gives your weapon a different enchantment that grants it special effects. However, in order to do this, you first need to unlock the to get the BURG.L chip in the sandbox. This will unlock the special candies to make the specific Globs needed for each enchantment.

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