Grounded Ladybug Heads | Where to Find

Grounded sees you shrunk down to the size of an ant and forced to brave a once-safe backyard now turned into a dangerous jungle. Survival involves making the use of the environment, and that includes scavenging parts off of bugs. Ladybug Heads are one requirement you’ll need to find when attempting to make armor or the Insect Axe. But before you get can get one, you’ll need to know where to find Ladybugs. Here’s what you need to get started.

Where to Find Ladybug Heads in Grounded

Where to Find Ladybug Heads in Grounded

Ladybug Heads can be found by killing ladybugs. So instead of finding the head of one, why not look around for a whole Ladybug to take down? If you’re looking for ladybugs, you’re going to want to keep your eyes out in the north and west regions of the backyard. Ladybugs are one of the more powerful enemies, don’t let their appearance fool you!

You’re going to need some good weapons and armor if you want to get your hands on the heads of one of these fearsome monsters. The best way to do this if you’ve found a ladybug is with range. Start by whittling down the health of the ladybug with bows and arrows. Once you think you’ve damaged them enough, go in for the kill. You’ll be able to loot the body of the Ladybug, getting your hands on it’s parts, as well as it’s head.

By nature, ladybugs are neutral to the player, if you happen upon one, it’ll wander by without giving you a second thought, allowing you to come up with a plan of attack. If you’re going to use melee weapons against the Ladybug, be sure to use busting weapons. The ladybug has a resistance to slashing, chopping, and stabbing weapons. Aim for the creatures legs as well, as it’s their weak point.

Once you’ve taken down the lady bug, you’ll be able to acquire both the body, and the ladybug head for use in weapons like the Insect axe, and armor like the Ladybug Faceplate.