Grounded Lilypad Wax | How to Get

Grounded is a interesting survival game. While retaining the same amount of nuance that other games have, it’s unique setup has players thinking a little outside the box. Being shrunk down to the size of a pea is one thing. But, having to brave your once normal backyard while doing so is another. Crafting items and getting materials takes on a whole new meaning, especially if you’re trying to find Lilypad Wax.

How to Get Lilypad Wax in Grounded

How to Get Lilypad Wax in Grounded

If you’re trying to get your hands on Lilypad Wax, you need to know which locations to search. Well, that part is easy. Lilypad Wax comes from lilypads, which can only be found at the Koi Pond.

If you don’t have the Pond opened up to you yet, then you’ll have to work your way over there. However, once you have the pond opened up, finding the wax is going to be very easy. For starters, you’ll have to dive into the pond. You’ll have about 30 seconds of air until you need to resurface, but that’s okay. It’ll give you just enough time to swim underneath the lilypads. Once you see the underside of the lilypads, you’re going to want to keep your eyes out for green globs on the underside. That’s the wax you’re looking for. Swim up to it, and interact to pick it up.

You might find small amounts on normal lilypads, but if you can get under the ones with flowers on them, you’ll be able to get more than the normal amount.

There’s plenty of things you can make with Lilypad wax, however, some recipes might require the use of Eelgrass. A lot of the recipes are tired to exploring the Pond, as well as opening the lab that lurks in the depths that you’ll have to brave.