Grounded Mint Glob Locations | Where to Find

Mint Globs are one of the rarest items available in Game Pass favorite Grounded. They’re a type of crafting ingredient used to build mint-inflected weapons like the Mint Mace. These minty items have an icy impact on enemies, and are some of the most powerful offensive tools out there. If you’re struggling to find them, fear not, for we’ve got all the information you need.

Where to Find Mint Globs in Grounded

Grounded Mint Globs

Getting your hands on Mint Globs is no easy feat. In fact, you can only start crafting them once you’ve completed some high-level quests.

First, you’ll need to get your hands on some specific Burgl Chips. These are found by exploring the Grounded world and defeating mini-bosses. In particular, you’ll need to have collected the Dark Descent Burgl Chip. It’s a task that’ll involve you heading to the Sandbox, and defeating some enemies along the way. To help you get the Dark Descent Burgl Chip, we’ve compiled a handy guide that walks you through the necessary steps. How convenient!

Once you’ve acquired that specific Burgl Chip, you unlock the ability to craft these items. To make them, all you need is Mint Shards, and an Oven. Five Mint Shards will give you one Mint Glob. However, these shard are very easy to find, so you should be able to craft plenty.

Once you’ve got your Mint Globs, you can use them to build high-level mint weapons. For context, the rare Mint Mace requires five Mint Globs, alongside some Silk Rope and Flower Petals. As such, you’ll need to grind out your minty crafting to get the best weapons in this rank. It should be nice and straightforward, though, with Mint Globs in your armory.