Grounded Mushroom Slurry | How to Get

There are plenty of Materials in Grounded. Each one does something different, but all can help you survive in your time being shrunk down. Eventually, you’ll want to start building a more secure base. Mushroom Bricks are great to start with, but to make those, you’ll need Mushroom Slurry. Fortunately, this material is fairly easy to come by.

How to Get Mushroom Slurry in Grounded

How to Get Mushroom Slurry in Grounded

To get Mushroom Slurry in Grounded, you need to put mushrooms into a Grinder. Each different type of mushroom provides a different amount of slurry. Which materials you put into the Grinder will depend largely on which areas of the backyard you’ve reached.

First things first, you’re going to need to make a Grinder. For that, you need two weed stems, two acorn shells, three flower petals, and five red ant parts.

With that done, you’ll need to find mushrooms. These are available in Black Anthill, Oak Hill, Termite Den, Trash Heap, Upper Grasslands, Undershed, Eastern Flooded Zone, or the Haze.

You’ll eventually be able to harvest even higher amounts of slurry. Using a tier-2 axe on a mushroom will result in Mushroom Chunks, while using it on toadstools will drop Toadstool Chunks. When used in a grinder, these will give you six and ten Mushroom Slurries, respectively.

By and large, the main thing you’ll want this resource for is to craft Mushroom Bricks. For that, simply place five Mushroom Slurry into an oven. In return you’ll get four Mushroom Bricks, which can be used to make bases and pet houses for your tamed animals.

Speaking of pets, Mushroom Slurry can be used to tame animals. However, the only animal that can be tamed by Mushroom Slurry is the Weevil. You can find this tiny bug by going to the Eastern Flooded Zone, the Grasslands, the Hedge, the Upper Grasslands, and Oak Hill.

If you managed to tame the Weevil, you get a buff by having the bug with you. When the Weevil is around you, you have a lower rate of thirst drain. This helps you survive for longer without water.

And that’s all the things that Mushroom Slurry can do for you. Hopefully, you can use this slurry for all sorts of survival help in your adventure!