Grounded Pinch Wacker Location | Where to Find

Surviving in the backyard in Grounded can be a difficult task. You’ll have to make sure you’re prepared when some more hardcore enemies come knocking. However, it’s not like you’re under-powered or unable to fight back. You just need the right weapons. Luckily, some high level weapons are hiding in plain sight in the backyard. One of them is the Pinch Wacker, and we know exactly where you can find it.

Where to Find the Pinch Wacker in Grounded

Where to Find the Pinch Wacker in Grounded

If you’re planning on finding the Pinch Wacker in Grounded, you’re going to need to grab a few items and head out on a journey.

First, you need to go to the Squirts carton near the right side of the map. It’s located by the small puddle south of the pond where gnats normally spawn. Once you get there, hop up onto the carton and look for a hole in the fence near the top. You might not be able to jump to the fence, so making some grass stairs to walk up there is probably your best bet. Once you’re inside, you’ll notice that the outpost is blocked off. The only way in is to get yourself some explosives.

Make a brat bomb if you need to, and work your way inside. Once you’re inside, make your way through the outpost. The Pinch Wacker is hidden in a trash can on the left side of the outpost.

However, there’s another item on the right side of the outpost: the Rotten Berry Charm. This charm can increase the damage of all of your Rotten weapons, giving you another helping hand in the fight against the bugs of the backyard.

That’s how you find the Pinch Wacker. It’s a useful weapon, and if you have Brat Bombs early, it’s a good option to deal heavy damage during the early game.

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