Grounded Pond Lab | How to Open

Grounded is a game that mixes classic sci-fi tropes with crafting and survival. Players will find themselves shrunk down to the size of an ant and forced to brave the dangers of the once safe backyard. However, all isn’t what it seems. Around the now huge backyard, hidden labs are everywhere. One of them is in the pond. But how can you get into it if you can’t breathe underwater? Don’t worry, there’s a secret.

How to Open the Pond Lab in Grounded

How to Open the Pond Lab in Grounded

The Pond Lab in Grounded is located underwater. As far as the game’s concerned, you can’t breathe underwater. So you’re going to have to prepare.

The Bubble Helmet or the Liquid Gills Smoothie can help you reach the Pond Lab. With all of these, you should have enough O2 to make it through the depths of the Koi Pond. You can even have extra movement if you bring along the Fluid Flippers Smoothie.

With all these buffs and gear in tow, you’ll be able to dive into the pond and survive underwater. From the middle of the pond, you’re going to want to look for the Sunken T Rex. It should be a little to the right at the bottom of the pond. Head down and follow the black and blue tube. You’ll find a cave underwater that you can swim into. If you look at the ceiling, you’ll see a door with three red Xs on them. That’s the door to the lab.

You should also be able to see a broken lab hallway you can swim into. Be careful, as some spiders might be in the hallway. Once you swim through to the open area of the lab, you’ll see that there’s a switch to pull. Pulling on the switch asks you to swim around the cave and turn on the breakers. They’re all in the cave, so you should be able to find them in no time. Once the breakers are turned on you will have successfully gained access to the Pond Lab.

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