Grounded Pupa Leather | How to Get

One of the newest material resources added to Grounded is Pupa Leather. Crafted from Pupa hide, the thicker stronger leather version is needed to make the Black Ox Hammer, as well as the Roly Poly helmet and breastplate. However, before you can obtain Pupa Leather, there are a few essential steps you must complete. In this guide, we specifically outline those steps for you.

How to Get Pupa Leather in Grounded

How to Get Pupa Leather in Grounded

To make Pupa Leather in Grounded, you’ll first need to get Pupa Hide and analyze it, unlocking the two recipes. To get Pupa Hide, you’ll need to chop up Pupa with a tier-three Termite Axe. Each Pupa chopped up will grant one Pupa Hide.

You can find Pupa in the Shed Surroundings biome, specifically under the deck of the shed. You’ll notice Pupa eggs that are growing from under the shed deck. You can either build up to them or look in the trenches below for ones that have already hatched. Our suggestion is both since you’ll need as much Pupa Hide as you can get your hands on.

There are two ways to make the leather. The first is by crafting it at your workbench, which requires five Pupa Hide just to make one Pupa Leather. This is the quicker but more expensive option. The other way is by hanging Pupa Hide in you’re Jerky Rack. This is a much more resourceful method, as one Pupa Hide in your Jerky Rack will make one Pupa Leather. The only downfall is that it’s very time-consuming.

If you want the Roly Poly armor set, you’ll need a total of 12 Leather. Five for the helmet and seven for the breastplate. The Black Ox Hammer only requires a total of two. That means, regardless of the method you choose, you’re going to need lots of Pupa Hide. That’s why it’s best to farm as much of it as you can early on, as you will save tons of time when you have to make these items later in the game.