Grounded Rake Rock Point Marker | Where to Find

Earning Raw Science in Grounded is easy. You’ll find it in specific places around the backyard, or earn it by completing missions. Some of the easier missions in the game are the Marker missions. B and large, you just need to explore and throw up a flag. However, while some of them are quite simple, some of them can be difficult, like the Rake Rock Point Marker. If you don’t know where to go searching for this one, don’t worry, we can help.

Where to Find Rake Rock Point Marker in Grounded

Where to Find Rake Rock Point Marker in Grounded

Before you set out to find the the Rake Rock Marker Point, you’re going to want to be prepared. For one, make sure that you have the quest active. Otherwise, the marker blueprint isn’t going to be there for you to build. In other words, if you don’t have the quest available yet, you’ll need to continue the game until you have it. If you can access this quest, then you’re ready to go.

Rake Rock Point is located on the bottom left of the map. You cannot miss it, since the rake is visible from the map screen. Place your marker at the bottom of the rake, as this is where you’re going to be climbing up. However, before you start making your way over there, grab a Gas mask or a Gastro Goo smoothie. These will keep you alive and prevent you from taking damage in the haze that surrounds the bottom half of the rake. It is possible to run toward the rake and survive long enough to avoid dying. But, you’ll need to have some healing items to make it all the way back.

Be careful, since infected bugs often spawn on top of the rock. But, if you can navigate up the rake, across the branch, and onto the rock, you should be able to build the Rake Rock Point marker, and gain some well-deserved Raw science.

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