Grounded Roly Poly Armor | How to Get

Survival is key when you’re living in Grounded‘s backyard. With plenty of bugs, spiders, and mosquitos wanting you out of their terrain, you’ll need to armor up if you want to stand a chance. One of the best armor sets in the game is the Roly Poly Armor. So, what does it take to craft a set? Read on to find out.

How to Get the Roly Poly Armor in Grounded

How to make the Roly Poly Armor in Grounded

The Roly Poly armor requires three materials per armor piece if you want to complete the set. The full set includes Helmet, Breastplate, and Legplates.

The materials you’ll need for the armor are similar between pieces, but they’re not all the same. You’ll need Lint Rope, Roly Poly Shells, Pupa Leather, and Roly Poly Parts.

If you don’t have access to the recipe to make the armor, you’ll need to take one of the materials and analyze it at one of the labs around the backyard. If you want to unlock the recipe for the whole armor set, you should analyze the Roly Poly Shell rather than the Roly Poly Part.

Once you have the recipe unlocked, it’s all about finding the materials to make it. You can find the Roly Poly Shells and armor by killing Roly Polys. Similarly, you can get Pupa Leather by harvesting Pupa Hide, and using it on the Jerky Rack to make the Leather. Lint Rope is a bit more complicated, mainly because you need the Spinning Wheel.

Once you complete the Roly Poly Armor, you can equip all three pieces for a set bonus. This armor set is one of the toughest in the game, primarily due to its bonus. It’s called Taunting Gaze, and it makes enemies aggro to you more often. When playing with friends, the armor can put you in a good position for a tank role, especially if you start a raid with the Waft Emitter.