Grounded Rusty Spear | How to Get

The many weapons in Grounded can help you stay alive. However, if you don’t know what weapons to use, it could spell your demise. One of the best weapons in the game is the Rusty Spear. This nasty little blade is capable of applying Infection to enemies. Of course, you’ve got your work set out for you if you want to wield it. Here’s how to make it, and what it does for you.

How to Get the Rusty Spear in Grounded

How to Get the Rusty Spear in Grounded

If you want to get the Rusty Spear in Grounded, you’ll have to find three materials: Rust, Dust Mite Fluff, and Sunken Bones.

The first material to find is Rust. Rust is pretty easy to locate, since you can find it growing on metal surfaces. The only way to harvest it is by hitting it with a Black Ox Hammer. You can find Rust in great amounts in the Upper Grasslands at the toolbox.

Next up is Dust Mite Fluff. To get your hands on Dust Mite Fluff, you’re going to have to find some Dust Mites to kill. For that, you’ll have to make it to the shed. There you’ll find Dust Mites on the floor of the shed. Killing them will drop Dust Mite Fluff on death.

The last Material you’ll need is Sunken Bone. You can find these in the Pond Depths, and they’re harvested with an acorn shovel.

With all of these materials, you can make the Rusty Spear on a workbench.

With the Rusty Spear, you can fight enemies underwater. However, if you fight enemies above water, you gain access to the Infection Perk. This is a type of damage that’s not like the elemental damage, such as Fresh Damage. Infection is a debuff which will decrease attack speed and damage by 10%. It’s good to use on tough enemies, making the Rusty Spear among one of the game’s best weapons.

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