Grounded Tasteful Ascent Chip | Where to Find

Littered around the backyard in Grounded are Chips used for getting upgrades as well as recipes for crafting. However, they’re typically hidden in chests tucked away in different corners of the map. One of the chips BURG.L will send you after is called Tasteful Ascent. The clue says it’s at a “maze’s end on mountain high,” but what does that mean? Where should you start looking? Read on to find out.

Where to Find the Tasteful Ascent Chip in Grounded

Where to Find the Tasteful Ascent Chip in Grounded

The Tasteful Ascent chip in Grounded is located in the Dungeons & Dragons castle atop the Picnic Table. To get it, you’ll need to work your way through Minotaur Maze’s End and unlock the chest. However, you’ll need to get atop the Picnic Table itself before you’ll be able to reach it.

First things first: If you haven’t already, you need to get on the Picnic Table. It’s not terribly complicated, but you will need to reach the upper layer in order to access the castle. You’ll also want to find the Minotaur Maze Key, which involves breaking through a pipe near the table. Once you go inside the pipe and swim down, you’ll be able to cut some soggy roots to get the key.

With that out of the way, make your way into the castle. Once you make it to the end, you’ll find a chest that can be opened with the Minotaur Maze Key. Inside is the Tasteful Ascent Chip, otherwise known as the Picnic BURG.L chip.

From there, you’ll have to find BURG.L and give him the chip to unlock some new recipes for you to craft. There are three things you can craft with it:

  • Sign Set: Food Stuff – Allows you to put food items in the Sign Frame
  • SCA.B Scanner: Milk Molars – Allows you to find locations of Nearby Milk Molars while exploring the map
  • Recipe: Mint Mace – Allows you to craft the Mint Mace, a powerful weapon that deals Fresh Damage

There are plenty of other chips out there that can help you make some seriously good items for your survival.