Grounded Termite Axe | How to Get

There’s a bounty of weapons worth trying out in Grounded, but few are as elusive as the Termite Axe. It’s one of the game’s Tier 3 weapons, and involves a lot of crafting and collection of ingredients to make. Luckily, we’ve got all the details below, so you can make the Termite Axe as painlessly as possible.

How to Get the Termite Axe in Grounded

How to Get the Termite Axe in Grounded

You’ll need to do three things to get the Termite Axe in Grounded: kill termites, gather required materials, and ultimately craft the axe.

First things first, you’ll need to kill a lot of termites. Luckily this is quite easily done, as you simply need to batter them with whichever melee weapon you have equipped. You’ll mostly find them around the shed area, so head there to find plenty of nests to harvest the required ingredients.

Once you’ve killed enough termites, you should have plenty of termite chompers. Analyze this item, and after waiting for a brief period you’ll unlock the recipe for making the Termite Axe. This lays out the items you need for crafting, as well as how to do it. Basically, it’s the blueprint that needs to be formulated before the crafting can begin. This analysis can only be done at a workbench, so make sure you have one nearby.

Next, it’s time to craft. You’ll need to have already unlocked and crafted the Insect Axe, as this Termite axe is an upgrade on that weapon. From there, combine it with two Termite Chompers, three Termite Parts, and four Bug Gloop. Craft them together at the workbench, and you’ll unlock the Termite Axe. Luckily it’s as simple as that, and you won’t have to do any more maintenance or extra work. Simply find the required recipes and parts, and add them to your existing axe!