Grounded Thistle Location | Where to Find

Grounded is designed so that any item you may need can be found throughout the world. Arrows are among the game’s most basic necessities, and they can be crafted using Thistle Needles. However, you’ll have to find thistle plants themselves before you can start letting arrows loose. Here are the locations to search in order to find this purple flower.

Where to Find Thistle in Grounded

Where to Find Thistle in Grounded

Thistle can be found in multiple locations throughout Grounded. Several of the plants can be found in the Grasslands, which is the best place for starting players to look. They’re also found in abundance throughout the Flooded Zone as well as the Flower Bed. All you need to do is look for the spindly stalks topped by purple flowers.

You’re going to want to keep an eye peeled for these quite often, as Thistle Needles are a very common necessity. To harvest the needles, you’ll have to hit the plant with an axe. Once collected, you then combine five Thistle Needles with two Mite Fuzz to craft 10 Arrows. If you’re just now starting out, note that you’ll need Brainpower Level 2 to unlock Arrows as well as the Sprig Bow.

If you need some extra defenses for your base, you can also use Thistle Needs to make Spike Strips. Doing so requires a Weed Stem, three Thistle Needles, Sap, and a Crude Rope. If you’re more of a melee person, you can use them in conjunction with Sprigs and Crude Rope to create a Spiky Sprig Club.

Thistle Needles are also required if you want to take on the Broodmother. You’ll need at least one of them, in conjunction with two Ladybug parts and two Bombardier parts, if you want to make the Broodmother BLT. Furthermore, if you want to make Decor, you’ll need Needles. Both versions of the Acorn Fence and the Acorn Railing require four of these to craft.

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