Grounded Weed Stem | How to Get

Weed Stem is an essential resource for upgrading and improving your base in Grounded. However, being an uncommon item, it can be particularly tough to find as it has no designated spawn. That’s why this guide is packed with everything you need to know for finding, harvesting, and stocking up on the vital Weed Stem.

How to Get Weed Stem in Grounded

How to Get Weed Stem in Grounded

To get the Weed Stem in Grounded, you’ll need to chop down Dandelions, which require a level 1 Pebblet Axe to do so. Each Dandelion should drop six Weed Stems. Dandelions spawn randomly throughout the map, but often can be found near the Flower Bed, Grasslands, and Oak Hill.

Weed Stems, like Grass Planks, cannot be stored in your backpack and must be carried to your home base. This can be a tedious and lengthy procedure at times, but there is a way to shorten the process. A Weed Stem can also be obtained from normal Weeds, however, this will require an Insect Axe. It’s a tough item to get, but well worth it because you’ll considerably increase the rate at which you obtain Weed Stems by not having to specifically search for Dandelions.

To unlock the recipe for the tier two insect axe, you’ll need to scan a Ladybug Head in the Resource Analyzer. In order to get it, you must first kill a LadyBug. Then you’ll need 3x Bombardier Parts and 4x Spider Silk. To obtain both of these goods, you must fight Bombardier Beetles and either of the spider species. So, if you choose this path, be prepared to fight.

To conclude, there are essentially two ways to get a Weed Stem in Grounded. The first, slower, and safer approach is by cutting down Dandelions with your Pebblet Axe. However, if you want to save some time in the long run, you can cut down Weeds with an Insect Axe and acquire Weed Stems. However, we only recommend this approach if you’re further into the game and more suited to fight.