Grounded Whittle Wizard Mutation | How to Unlock

Mutations work as a perk system in Grounded. You don’t have to purchase them; instead, you have to unlock them. Each tier is a challenge the player has to complete, and the first one will unlock the mutation itself. Players who like to focus on elemental attacks will most certainly want to unlock Whittle Wizard early. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

How to Unlock Whittle Wizard in Grounded

How to Unlock Whittle Wizard in Grounded

If you want to unlock Whittle Wizard in Grounded, there’s a challenge you need to complete. However, the challenge itself requires you to use a specific weapon type: Candy Staves. These are weapons made out of candy that shoot elemental damage at enemies.

If you don’t have these weapons unlocked yet, you’ll have to acquire the Woodpile BURG.L chip. This is found in the Termite Dens Depths. You’ll have to take out the Termite King as well to get your hands on the BURG.L Chip.

Once you unlock the chip and spend the 2500 Raw Science to unlock them, you can start the challenge.

To unlock the Whittle Wizard perk, you’re going to have to complete the similarly named challenge. The challenge comes in three tiers. The first tier requires you to kill one hostile enemy with a stave. Once you achieve that, all elemental staves will have a 5% chance to inflict an additional debuff.

Killing 100 neutral or hostile creatures will increase the debuff chance to 15% for Tier 2, For tier 3, you’ll have to kill 200 neutral or hostile creatures. Once that’s complete you’ll have a 25% chance to activate its second effect.

Whittle Wizard will deliver secondary attacks with the Candy Staves. The Mint Staff will slow enemies’ movement by 30% for 5 seconds, the sour staff will deal 10 extra stun damage. As for the Spicy Staff, it’ll burn targets for 10 extra damage every 5 seconds.

However, if you’re having trouble getting the game to give you the perk be wary. The game is slightly bugged, and it may not work the first time around, so keep killing neutral or hostile enemies with the staves and it should activate.

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