Grounded1.2 Super Duper Update Adds item Duplication And New Boss

Obsidian Entertainment has been consistently hard at work on its sandbox RPG game Grounded. It lets players take control of one of four teens shrunken down to the size of an ant. The game is heavily inspired by 80’s sci-fi films, the biggest one being “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”. With the title out of early access, the second major post launch update has been released, entitled “The Super Duper Update.” And, as its name implies, there are some powerful goodies tucked into the details of the patch. Here’s a quick look at what’s inside.

Everything Included in Grounded Super Duper Update

Grounded Super Duper Machine

Some of the major additions in the Super Duper Update come in the form of new craftable items, which tie into a new mechanic in the pint-sized RPG. This new mechanic called “Base Coziness” is made to incentivize players in improving their base over time. Coziness is determined based on the size of the base, and the amount of furniture inside. However, you cannot use the same piece of furniture over and over again. The types of furniture also impact how cozy a base can be.

The more “cozy” the base is, the more buffs you’ll receive. Such as a slower depletion of health and thirst. As well as a slight regeneration of health as long as you’re in the base.

Also included in the update is enhancements to building, such as “Place all” which allows players to place multiple of one piece for easier base building. Also included is the handy gnat, a player-controlled drone that can fly and build at the same time, allowing players to make whatever they want without the need to climb.

Furthermore, another new piece of equipment has been added to the lab, entitled the “Super Duper” players can find “Duper Discs” while playing the main quest. This allows you to upgrade the machine, giving you the ability to duplicate items. This allows you and your friends to make copies of already crafted weapons and armor, in exchange for raw science.

Lastly, Obsidian has added Wasps into the game as a new enemy. Around the yard, players will find small wasp nests. If you agitate the wasps, they’ll attack and you’ll be forced to take them on. However, these small nests are nothing compared to the hive. Making your way to the hive, you can fight and defeat the wasp queen. this new creature boss will drop plenty of new recipes for wasp armor, amongst other recipes.

There’s plenty more than what’s covered here, so go out there, and check out all the new additions to Grounded!