GTA Online: The Contract | New Cars List

The Contract, the latest expansion to the ever-popular GTA Online, is out now. This extensive new set of missions reintroduces Franklin Clinton, one of the playable characters in the game’s campaign. On top of new missions and music, there’s a range of new guns to get your hands on, too. However, even more exciting is the range of new vehicles to drive. Join us as we look at all the new cars in GTA Online: The Contract.

New Cars in GTA Online: The Contract | Full List

New Cars in GTA Online: The Contract

Here are the seven new cars coming to GTA Online in The Contract expansion:

  • Bravado Buffalo STX – $2,150,000
  • Pfister Astron – $1,580,000
  • Lampadati Cinquemila – $1,740,000
  • Pegassi Ignus – $2,765,000
  • Enus Jubilee $1,237,500
  • Enus Deity – $1,383,750
  • Dewbauchee Champion – $2,246,250

As you can see, the new cars in GTA Online: The Contract aren’t especially cheap. The least glamorous of these vehicles will set you back well over $1 million, so you’ll need to save up your money to purchase one of them. Equally, these are only the base prices too, so any upgrades or modifications will set you back even more.

Luckily, getting these new cars is nice and easy. In fact, it’s the exact same process as buying other cars in GTA Online. All you need to do is head to your character’s phone, and use the internet browser to find the car shops. All cars except the Bravado Buffalo can be found at Legendary Motorsport. The Buffalo is instead on the San Andreas Super Autos website, so be sure to check there for it.

With these new cars, you can experience the new missions and battles in a brand new set of wheels. With several new guns also in the game, your character’s lifestyle will be completely overhauled. Just make sure you’ve got the spare money in your account, or it may be a struggle to pick them up.