Halo Infinite Game Pass Rewards for January 2022 Out Now

The second batch of Halo Infinite Game Pass rewards for January 2022 are available to redeem now — and you won’t want to miss them. As a free bonus to subscribers to Game Pass Ultimate, players will get exclusive in-game loot each month. The first drop of 2022 is now here, so make sure to redeem it before they expire. Join us as we look at the Halo Infinite Game Pass rewards for January 2022.

All Halo Infinite Game Pass Rewards For January 2022

Halo Infinite Game Pass Rewards

The Halo Infinite Game Pass rewards for January 2022 are as follows:

  • Pass Tense Warthog Vehicle Coating
  • 4x Double XP Multiplayer Boosts
  • 4x Battle Pass Challenge Swaps

Evidently, these are some pretty useful rewards to get totally free of charge. As part of the Pass Tense Warthog Bundle, it’s no surprise to see an exclusive vehicle camo in there. Rocking this decal during matches will show other Halo Infinite players that you’ve got some reasonably limited-edition loot.

The other two boosts will also prove useful to those grinding out multiplayer, with plenty of double XP, as well as some challenge swaps. These let you change your current challenges if they’re proving too difficult, giving you the chance to bypass trickier parts of the game.

Luckily, redeeming these rewards is incredibly easy. All you need to do is head to the Perks Gallery on your console, and find the Halo Infinite promotion within that. It should be located around your Game Pass details, so it’ll no doubt be hard to miss.

These free items should continue on a monthly basis, so Halo Infinite players have an awful lot to look forward to. We don’t yet know when the February 2022 batch will drop, but they’ll no doubt be just as exciting. If you’re not a Game Pass subscriber, you can usually find a free trial floating around a few times a year.