Halo Infinite | How to Fix Weekly Challenges Not Working

Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer is in full swing, but a few pesky bugs are still appearing. A current problem revolves around the weekly challenges, which provide objectives to earn extra XP and prizes throughout the week. In some cases, players are reporting these not working, failing to acknowledge completion. If you’ve encountered this, fear not — we’ve got the fix!

How to Fix Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges Not Working

Halo Infinite weekly challenges not working

The good news is that if your weekly challenges aren’t working in Halo Infinite, there are a few ways to try to fix it.

Unsurprisingly, the first thing you’ll want to do is reset your game. You can do this by hitting the dashboard, or just simply restarting your Xbox console. Since this problem could easily arise from the objectives playlist failing to update properly, an old-fashioned reset will update your objectives, hopefully solving the problem. On top of that, it’ll reconnect you to the servers, which should configure your in-game data with the latest update.

If that fails, it’s worth trying to boot up Halo Infinite on a different Xbox Live account. Of course, this might not be possible if there’s only one profile linked to your console, but it’s a good way to see how widespread the error is. If weekly challenges are also failing to work on a different account, then it’s likely a problem on the game’s end, not yours.

Failing that, however, there’s not too much you’ll be able to do by way of fixing it. Since the weekly challenges not working glitch is almost always a problem with the servers not refreshing, or a bug in the game, it’s hard for an individual to get rid of it. You’ll have to wait out for a patch from 343 Industries. Luckily, Infinite is receiving plenty of support – so it shouldn’t be too long until there’s a fix.