Halo Infinite Land Grab Challenges | How to Complete

More than six months after its release, and the range of modes available in Halo Infinite is only expanding. That’s bolstered by the limited-time Fracture events, added sporadically by 343 Industries. At the time of writing, the focus of those challenges is on the Land Grab mode. Similar to Hardpoint in Call of Duty, it’s a fairly tactical mode. If you’re looking to complete the current challenges around the Halo Infinite Land Grab mode, we’ve got you covered.

How To Complete Halo Infinite Land Grab Challenges

Halo Infinite Land Grab

There are currently ten active challenges based around the Halo Infinite Land Grab mode. These are as follows:

  • Complete one match of Land Grab – 300 XP
  • Kill 10 enemy Spartans in Land Grab – 300 XP
  • Kill 20 enemy Spartans in Land Grab – 300 XP
  • Lastly, kill 50 enemy Spartans in Land Grab – 300 XP
  • Capture one zone in Land Grab – 300 XP
  • Capture 10 zones in Land Grab – 300 XP
  • Earn 2,500 total player score in Land Grab – 300 XP
  • Spend 15 seconds in the occupy zones in Land Grab – 300 XP
  • Kill one defending enemy Spartan in Land Grab – 300 XP
  • Win one Land Grab match – 300 XP

With 3,000 XP up for grabs, it’s definitely worth diving into some Land Grab missions. Luckily, the requirements aren’t too challenging, so most players will be able to complete a few within the first few games.

However, you should note that the XP earned here doesn’t go towards the base Halo Infinite battle pass. Instead, they progress the Fracture battle pass, which has 30 tiers of exclusive rewards. That may be a disappointment to those trying to reach rank 100, but it also allows you to unlock new items.

You don’t have long to complete the Halo Infinite Land Grab challenges, as they expire on May 30, 2022. With just a few days to go, you’ll want to dive in as soon as possible. Luckily, since none of the tasks are too laborious, you won’t need to grind.

The hardest is likely the 50 kills challenge, but if you spend a few games focusing on kills rather than the objective, it should be easier.