Halo Infinite Mythic Medals | All Unlock Requirements

While we’re still waiting on the campaign, Halo Infinite multiplayer is out now. It’s the deep FPS experience fans were hoping for, and it’s littered with achievements and medals to attain. The rarest of all are mythic medals, which are notoriously hard to collect. However, earning them places you above other Infinite players, due to their inherent difficulty. If you’re curious about mythic medals, we’ve got a breakdown of all unlock requirements for these elite accolades.

All Halo Infinite Mythic Medals Unlock Requirements

All Halo Infinite Mythic Medals Unlock Requirements

Following is a list of all eighteen mythic medals in Halo Infinite as well as how to unlock them.

  • Fastball – kill an enemy from the impact of a grenade
  • Ninja – jump over an enemy, then melee kill them from behind
  • Overkill – get 4 kills in rapid succession
  • Killtacular – get 5 kills in rapid succession
  • Killtrocity – get 6 kills in rapid succession
  • Killamanjaro – get 7 kills in rapid succession
  • Killtastrophe – get 8 kills in rapid succession
  • Killpocalypse – get 9 kills in rapid succession
  • Killionaire – get 10 kills in rapid succession
  • Perfection – get a match win with at least 15 kills and no deaths
  • Quigley – kill two enemies with a single S7 sniper bullet
  • Remote Detonation – kill an enemy by landing a gunshot on a grenade
  • Running Riot – kill at least 15 enemies in a single life
  • Rampage – kill at least 20 enemies in a single life
  • Nightmare – kill at least 25 enemies in a single life
  • Boogeyman – kill at least 30 enemies in a single life
  • Grim Reaper – kill at least 35 enemies in a single life
  • Demon – kill at least 40 enemies in a single life

As you can see, some of the Halo Infinite mythic medals will be very tough to get. Killing 40 enemies in one match is no easy feat, let alone in one life. As such, they’re reserved for only the best players to unlock, and they’ll require a lot of grinding.