Halo Infinite Willow Tea | How to Get

Halo Infinite is full of unique skins and cosmetic items to collect, and the Willow Tea is one of the most elusive. This armor coating is tied to the Peerless Warrior challenge, which isn’t easy. It’s a limited-time objective, too, making it even harder to get. Fear not, as we break down how to get the Halo Infinite Willow Tea coating.

How To Get Halo Infinite Willow Tea

Halo Infinite Willow Tea

As hinted at, you’ll get the Halo Infinite Willow Tea coating via the Peerless Warrior challenge. Completing the requirement unlocks this paint finish, coming in colors like brown and silver.

The Peerless Warrior objective is the current set of ultimate challenges in Halo Infinite. To unlock the reward, all you have to do is get five killing sprees within a single multiplayer game. Evidently, it’s a very hard task to complete. This explains why the Willow Tea coating is so hard to get your hands on.

Yes, you’ll have to get five killing sprees within one match to unlock this coating. A killing spree comprises five kills without dying. As such, you’ll have to get five kills, five times, to complete this objective. That’s no easy feat, given how long the time-to-kill is in Halo Infinite.

It’s likely that only the best players will be able to complete this task, due to its challenging nature. Novice players may struggle to get one killing spree within a match, let alone five. However, given Halo Infinite matches can last around ten minutes, you will have time to complete it.

Players will no doubt be sad that the requirement isn’t five killing sprees across games, as that would be much easier. However, the Willow Tea coating is purposefully difficult to unlock. Only the top Spartans will get it, making it even more elusive.