Hi-Fi Rush | How Many Chapters Are There?

Hi-Fi Rush continues to capture people’s attention with its unique blend of eye-catching visuals and fitting curation of songs. Although relatively short, the game’s story has also been praised by those that have been lucky enough to experience it. Since there are only a few chapters that make up the entirety of its plot, some players are curious to know exactly how many there are. Fortunately, we’ve provided the answer to this particular question below.

How Many Chapters Are In Hi-Fi Rush?

How Many Chapters Are In Hi-Fi Rush?

There are a total of 12 chapters in the main story of Hi-Fi Rush. These chapters, which are thematically called tracks in the game, feature their own unique stages and enemies.

Your main goal as Chai throughout the course of the story is to defeat Vandelay Industries’ upper management in an effort to take down the sinister company. This means that every track typically focuses on a specific boss that you’ll need to reach first by going through each stage.

Unfortunately, getting to the end of a track is easier said than done as numerous obstacles will block your path. This includes a variety of lesser enemies, like the basic robots you battle during the beginning of the game. There are also a large number of platforming sections that will often test your patience as you figure out how to progress through them.

As always, the previously mentioned boss battles are the most difficult portions of any track. However, these engagements are also the most entertaining and rewarding aspects of the game. These encounters always feature licensed music that will help you keep track of the beat. The structure of each fight is also always different so you’ll have something to look forward to each time.

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