Hi-Fi Rush | Is There Multiplayer?

Fans have consistently praised Hi-Fi Rush since its launch for its bright visual design and rhythm-based gameplay. Coincidentally, both of these elements, when combined, often make for a great co-op title. Because of its party game-like aesthetics, many players now want to find out if it has a multiplayer mode. Well, we’re here to tell you whether or not you can join up with your friends in the fight against Vandelay Technologies.

Is There Multiplayer in Hi-Fi Rush?

Is There Multiplayer in Hi-Fi Rush?

Unfortunately, Hi-Fi Rush does not have a multiplayer mode. You’ll have to face the evil Vandelay Technologies by yourself. However, you’ll be able to ask for help from a couple of other characters throughout your adventure, so you won’t really be alone.

Tango Gameworks’ initial announcement at the Xbox Showcase had revealed that it had fully designed the game as a single-player experience. The game’s relatively small roster and lack of playable characters similarly prevents it from being a full-blown online multiplayer entry.

Surprisingly enough, the developers immediately released their project a mere few hours after the event. Viewers tuning in to the show were predictably shocked at the news since shadow drops like these very rarely happen. How they were able to keep an entry like this under wraps is anyone’s guess, but the positive user reception so far shows that they had most likely been working on this game for a long time.

Since it’s an exclusive title, only Xbox and PC players are currently able to play it. All those who were lucky enough to experience it, however, have largely agreed that its quality makes it a top tier product.

It’s currently unclear whether or not Tango Gameworks plans on adding DLC to their game in the future. Though if they do announce one at some point, it will hopefully introduce more modes and characters to Hi-Fi Rush.