How to Pet a Wolf in Fortnite on Xbox
Characters from Fortnite on the loading screen on Xbox.

Look how cute that wolf over there is, baring its little teeth. Don’t you just want to… pet it? If you’ve ever had thoughts similar to this then the good news is that there’s now a way to tame and ride wildlife in Fortnite. We’ll show you how to pet a wolf in Fortnite Xbox after taming it. Your new best friend will then follow you around and attack your enemies.

How to Pet a Wolf in Fortnite

First thing first: you’ll need Fortnite Battle Royale — it’s free, so no Game Pass is needed. Then, you’ll need to start a match. Most game modes let you complete challenges and have wildlife but ensure you’re choosing one that does. You can choose between Duos, Trios, Squads, Solo, or Team Rumble.

Ensure you Land Where There’s Wolves

This next step might sound obvious, but if you land somewhere without wolves, you’re obviously not going to be able to pet a wolf! You’ll find wildlife in most areas, though areas without snow are where you’ll usually find more wildlife. You can hunt for wolves around Breakwater Bay, The Citadel, Shattered Slabs, and Frenzy Fields but once you find one, don’t kill it.

Taming a Wolf in Fortnite

So you’ve found a wolf that looks like it might want to be your friend; what now? Time to jump on its back! Sounds simple, right? If a wolf is running around, it can actually be quite tricky to get on its back before it starts to chase you. You could always lure it towards you with meat from another animal to tame it, but sneaking up on it and pressing A or the button you have mapped as the Jump button is the easiest way. Congratulations, you’ve now tamed a wolf!

Throwing meat to a wolf, jumping on its back, and taming it in Fortnite.

How to pet a wolf in Fortnite Xbox

Once you’re on the wolf’s back, hold the Down Arrow on the D-Pad to bring up the remote wheel. Because you’re on the animal’s back, you can’t emote. Instead, this allows you to reach over and pet your wolf friend! Pet them three times and you’ll get 500 XP and the “Who’s a Good Boy?” accolade. If this isn’t working and you’re having any other controller issues, try resetting your Xbox controller.

Petting a wolf in Fortnite.

Now you know how to pet a wolf in Fortnite, there’s no stopping you from taming and petting other animals too, like boars. The steps are the same! You can even connect your Xbox to your Windows PC and play Fortnite there.

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