Knockout City Holds Massive Swangsong Event Before Closure in June

Live Service games have been on the rise. But, with the constant drip feed of content, each game requires a certain amount of attention from the player. Some games, like Fortnite and Warzone, may be able to keep their lights on with their massive player bases, but other games, like Knockout City, aren’t able to keep up. Sadly, it seems like the doors will soon close on this game. Here are the details.

Knockout City Goes Offline In June

Knockout City is Going Offline in June

Velan Studio’s latest title Knockout City launched in May of 2020 on all consoles, including Game Pass. It’s marketed as a 3v3 shooter game, with dodgeballs rather than your normal weapons. The game was innovative and charming, but sadly, not all good things can last. Velan Studios announced yesterday that Knockout City is going to be sunsetting on June 6, 2023. The studio isn’t able to keep the lights on for the title anymore. However, they’re not planning on leaving players empty-handed.

Speaking in a blog post, game director Jeremy Russo talks about what the plans for the title’s final months are. He mentions that February 28 is going to be the end of Season 8, and the beginning of Season 9. Season 9 is going to be the final season of Knockout City, and the end of the game’s microtransaction functionality. When the game was live, the battle pass and the cosmetic shop all used microtransactions known as Holobux.

Now, with the release of Season 9, the studio is going to hand this currency out like candy, giving away thousands of Holobux and dropping the battle pass price to 50, which can be earned very early in the free battle pass.

On top of making all the cosmetics available in the shop, players are also going to be able to enjoy the plethora of playlists throughout Season 9’s twelve-week runtime. It all culminates in a final Midnight Madness until the servers shut down on June 6 at 12 pm UTC.

Although Velan isn’t going to close the game and leave players in the dust, it understands people still want to play its title, and it has a plan. When the servers close down, it will release a client for the game that will allow anyone to host their own server. This will allow fans to continue to play with their friends as Velan works on another project, be it a sequel to Knockout City or a new title entirely.