Limitless Coal is Making Its Return to Disney Dreamlight Valley

Players of Disney Dreamlight Valley understand the importance of having enough resources, from having enough to build to having enough to cook. Coal is one of these bare necessities. Luckily, the most convenient way to get coal in the game is now returning in the next update coming out on February 16. From there on, players who enjoy cooking won’t have to limit their craft.

Limitless Coal Returns to Disney Dreamlight Valley

Limitless Coal Returns to Disney Dreamlight Valley

Normally in Disney Dreamlight Valley, running out of coal means you cannot cook any of dishes found inside of the game. However, there’s a more convenient option to getting coal. Kristoff, the Frozen character, will sell coal to the player if their friendship level is high enough. This makes getting it so much easier. The problem is, though, that Kristoff runs out of supplies if the player buys too much. Once his supplies are exhausted, they’ll have to look for it on their own.

Before an update to the game, this wasn’t the case; Kristoff would never run out of coal. However, given updates over time, players found that his coal reserves would run dry.

Until now, that is. As announced by the developers on Twitter, limitless coal is making its way back to Disney Dreamlight Valley on February 16.

However, this isn’t the only thing coming via update. This is part of their big 2023 roadmap, which they mentioned previously. Alongside the updates to Kristoff’s shop, players are also going to get another Frozen character, Olaf, as well as Encanto’s Mirabel.

Alongside the return of limitless coal, if players manage to get the friendship level of the Frozen character to 10, the number of items Kristoff will hold will increase as well. This ensures that players will have more of a variety of crafting materials to choose from, mitigating the amount of foraging they’ll need to do if they want to get right to crafting.

This is big news for Disney Dreamlight Valley players, and there’s still more to come, as the developers described in their roadmap for the rest of the year. The future is looking bright for the Valley!