Madden 2023 Kicks off New February Game Pass Titles

It’s a new month, which means new Game Pass titles for subscribers to Xbox’s subscription service. As usual, there’s a variety of new content available for gamers of all tastes and preferences. The headline act is none other than Madden 2023, but it’s far from the only star this month. Here’s a look at everything coming to Game Pass this February.

Xbox Game Pass February 2023 Additions

Game Pass Additions Feb 2023

These games are set to release this month on Game Pass, as mentioned in the announcement post on the Xbox blog.

  • February 9
    • Madden 23 – Through Xbox Gamepass Ultimate & EA Play (Console and PC)
    • SD Gundam Battle Alliance (Cloud Console & PC)
  • February 14
    • Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord (Cloud, Console & PC)
  • February 15
    • Cities Skylines – Remastered (Cloud & Xbox Series X|S)
  • February 16
    • Shadow Warrior 3: Definitive Edition (Cloud, Console & PC)
  • February 20
    • Atomic Heart (Cloud, Console & PC)

There are only six games coming out this month, which isn’t very many. However, Madden 23 being added to game pass is a big plus for sports fans, as Madden is one of EA’s biggest moneymakers. Atomic Heart‘s release after being announced in 2017 has been a long time coming as well. And with the game’s new preview trailer coming out, it looks like it’s shaping up to be a stellar title. That’s on top of the fact that the score is composed by Doom Eternal‘s Mick Gordon, who is a staple of awesome battle music. Then there’s Shadow Warrior 3, which takes notes from Doom Eternal as well, aiming to provide a fun hack-n-slash title for FPS fans around the world.

Xbox Game Pass February 2023 Removals

With every game added to Game Pass, some games leave the service. That means players will have to buy them instead of downloading them for free. However, with these games leaving, players will still be able to purchase them for a discounted price of 20% off.

February 15 Removals

  • Besiege (Game Preview) (Cloud, Console, & PC)
  • CrossfireX (Cloud & Console)
  • Recompile (Cloud, Console, & PC)
  • Skul: The Hero Slayer (Cloud, Console, & PC)
  • The Last Kids on Earth (Cloud, Console, & PC.)

It’s an almost 1:1 ratio of games leaving and games joining this February. While some may be sad to see Besiege leaving Game Pass, the title isn’t fully complete yet, which means there’s still a chance for the game to make its way to back once it reaches version 1.0. So, all hope isn’t lost!