Metal: Hellsinger Dream of the Beast DLC Arrives March 29

Metal: Hellsinger wasn’t the first FPS title where you have to move to the beat of the music. However, it’s considered by many to be one of the biggest highlights of the genre. It’s all fast-paced action, placing the player in the middle of hordes, giving them free rein to unleash their fury. And, of course, it’s all set to incredible metal music from some of the biggest names in the industry. Now, the game’s first DLC pack is set to release this month. It’s called Dream of the Beast, and there’s more than just new tunes on offer.

Metal: Hellsinger’s New Dream of the Beast DLC

Metal: Hellsinger New Dream of the Beast DLC

Announced on Twitter by the official Metal: Hellsinger account, the DLC entitled “Dream of Beast” is slated to launch on March 29. Though it doesn’t include any additional levels, the DLC aims to increase the game’s replayability with a few new additions.

For one, the DLC is going to include two new songs from artists who didn’t join the roster the first time around. These artists are Christina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil and Will Ramos of Lorna Shore. With two new songs, you might be wondering how you’re supposed to check out the new tracks.

For that, the developers will release an update offering free track selection for every level. This means that not only will you be able to listen to the new tracks, but any track you like, whenever you like.

Furthermore, the DLC comes with three new skins for the player character. These new skins will give the player different gameplay modifiers, further enticing you to replay levels for higher scores.

Lastly, the DLC includes a new weapon called The Red Right Hand. This machine gun will teach you that precision is key, and you’ll need to land your shots if you want to use it efficiently.

With all this new content, who knows what’s next for Metal: Hellsinger? Perhaps with the open-ended conclusion of the Game, a sequel, or a full-sized expansion will release sometime in the near future. For now, though, players can expect new digs to land on March 29.