Microsoft Signs 10 Year Deal to Bring PC Games to Boosteroid

Microsoft and Xbox continue to push forward on their upcoming acquisition of Activision Blizzard. So far the company has promised 10-year deals to some of the biggest companies, like Nintendo. Now, they’ve signed another deal with the global cloud streaming platform known as Boosteroid.

Microsoft Signs 10-Year Deal with Boosteroid

Xbox Streaming Deal Boosteroid

Phil Spencer, the current head of Xbox posted a tweet this morning talking about Xbox’s 10-year deal with Boosteroid.

The tweet mentions that Xbox is planning on bringing their library of Xbox PC games to players around the world, from any device, including Call of Duty, after the deal with Activision closes. Once the deal is complete, and much like the one they made with Nintendo, they’ll work to bring these titles to new platforms for all players to enjoy.

Xbox goes further into detail about the deal with the news post made by Microsoft linked in the tweet. Boosteroid’s CEO makes a statement in the post discussing the deal, and how it’ll further gaming:

“Boosteroid shares Microsoft’s vision of bringing games to as many people, places, and platforms as possible. It has long been our goal to provide gamers with an opportunity to enjoy their favorite titles on any device close at hand”

One may wonder by Xbox is partnering with Boosteroid for this project. After all, Xbox has already made it possible to stream their current library of titles with X-cloud through Game Pass. Perhaps the goal lies in getting Activision titles into the hands of more players outside the Xbox ecosystem.

This could be a good business opportunity, as Boosteroid is a global network. Providing gaming to not only the USA but Europe as well is a good opportunity to those who don’t have the latest consoles, but do have a solid internet connection.

However, this deal will not go through until Activision is properly a part of Microsoft. So, only time will tell when players worldwide will be able to experience the latest Call of Duty titles from the comfort of their cellphone, tablet, or smart tv.