Nicolas Cage Becomes The Latest Addition to Dead by Daylight

The asymmetrical multiplayer horror game genre has been in full swing since the release of one big title: Dead by Daylight. This title is the first in the genre, and with being the first, as well as the most popular, there’s room for collaboration. So far, Dead by Daylight has collaborated with plenty of horror series, turning the game into a Who’s Who of horror icons. Now, with the latest addition ,an unlikely face who’s dipped into the horror genre is joining the series: Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas Cage Joins Dead by Daylight

Nic Cage DLC for DBD

Dead by Daylight has had its hand in including so many iconic characters in its title. It’s pulled from franchises like Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Saw, Stranger Things, Ringu, Scream, Resident Evil, and Evil Dead. Now, the latest collaboration Behavior is doing in Dead by Daylight is adding actor Nicolas Cage to the game.

This isn’t a character Cage plays, or a tie-in with a movie he’s a part of. With all the little information shown in the trailer, this is the Nicolas Cage. However, what role he’ll play in the game has yet to be seen. With more information being promised on July 5, all anyone can do about Cage’s inclusion in the title is speculate.

Cage’s career in film has placed him in plenty of roles. Both are fit for Survivor and Killer in Dead By Daylight. Cage’s roles in films like Willy’s Wonderland put him as a silent hero, which fits the role of mute survivors in Dead by Daylight. However, his role as Dracula in the recently released film Renfield could put him in the killer spot.

The trailer shows a broken-down film set, ravaged by something or someone.  Cage himself in the trailer is wearing an outfit that seems custom for Dead by Daylight. The DLC named “Nicolas Cage” means that he won’t be playing a character in the Dead by Daylight lore. Rather, this will be either him. Or the roles he’s played.

While all of this is speculation, the DLC could very well be a celebration of Cage’s acting career, letting players take control of Nicolas Cage as he plays the roles of various heroes and villains from his filmography, making him the first dual-class character in Dead by Daylight history. More will be revealed on July 5, 2023.