No Man’s Sky Unveils Latest Fractal Update

The passion and the labor of love found in No Man’s Sky have been a first for the gaming industry. An underdog story about a development team who despite releasing a game that was relatively unfinished, doubled down on their title and turned it into a complete product, managing to win the fan’s pack, and also delivering on every promise they’ve made. This includes their new update, Fractal. For more information, check out all the biggest highlights below.

No Man’s Sky Fractal Update

No Man's Sky Fractal Update

Sean Murray took to Twitter to give a brief breakdown of everything included in the update as well as a video to explain to players. However, if you work your way over to the official website, you can get your hands on the full patch notes for the update.

Some of the major standouts include things like the Utopia Expedition. This mission sees players taking to the barren planet of Bakkin, where they must help the Utopia foundation rebuild the once-thriving ecosystem back from the brink of desolation. You’ll also receive a unique helmet for joining the expedition as well!

Another addition to the game is the new Wonders section of the catalog. Here any exceptional creature, plant, or near-paradise world you find will be showcased for your pleasure. HDR lighting has also gotten an upgrade, bringing out better darks, and lighter lights, all while keeping the sci-fi glow and aesthetic that the game is known for.

Other quality-of-life improvements have been added as well. Clearer game options from the main menu have been added. For PC players, you’ll also be able to adjust all display options from one menu, rather than from two.

Other improvements to the game also include the ability to recharge tech right from your backpack. You can now hold up to 12 ships in a fleet instead of nine. There’s also a new emergency warp button. This can be used in the event that you’re stuck on a freighter with no way of getting out.

There are still plenty more things included in the patch notes for the game. Other changes include gryo controls for some consoles, and VR enhancements for PC players. It’s clear by now that Hello Games will continue to support No Man’s Sky for years to come.