Oddballers Local Multiplayer | Is There Split Screen?

Oddballers is the latest wacky party game to grace consoles. With plenty of game modes and lots of multiplayer options, players will have a great time enjoying this with their friends. But, what if said friends come over? Does Oddballers have local multiplayer?

Does Oddballers Have Local Split-Screen Multiplayer?

Does Oddballers Have Local Split-Screen Multiplayer?

Oddballers supports local multiplayer for up to four friends, so you can take on one another in wacky dodgeball action. The game allows you to connect up to three other controllers to let you and your friends play all in the same room.

However, there’s more. While you could play local competitive with your friends, online multiplayer is a different story. With you and five other buddies owning a copy of the game, you can link up through the power of the internet and take on your friends.

Online play is the only way to play with six players, unfortunately. If you’re aiming to do four local and one online, that won’t work. Naturally, online play requires being online.

But, the game is built for both versions of play, so it doesn’t matter which one you choose. Either way, you’ll be having fun with your friends flinging weird objects and dodging environmental hazards in no time at all.

Oddballers aims to put you and your friends against one another. Each game takes notes from dodgeball, but the stages and the objectives may vary. One time you’re tossing balls into goals, the next you’re dodging cars and throwing explosives to knock your opponents out of the map. It’s all in the name, it’s odd, and the things you’re throwing might be odd as well, but it’s still dodgeball.

With the game aiming to get constant updates, there’s always going to be something new to try out when you have friends over. And that’s where local multiplayer comes in to enhance your gameplay.