Paramount To Adapt TMNT: The Last Ronin As An Action RPG

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been a series that’s been beloved by many throughout the world. It’s had highs and lows in the American cultural zeitgeist, but more recently it’s been coming back to the forefront. With a new TMNT movie on the horizon, and TMNT being turned into arcade-style beat em’ ups. It’s safe to say the heroes in a half-shell are coming back into the limelight. Now, Paramount is aiming to adopt a more mature take on the turtles for gaming.

TMNT: The Last Ronin Game adaptation Coming Soon

TMNT Last Ronin

This version of TMNT is based on the 2020 graphic novel entitled “The Last Ronin”. The title tells the story of one of the four turtles, now living in a post-apocalyptic New York. This mysterious character, wielding all the weapons the other turtles use, fights to survive in this post-apocalyptic landscape.

The identity of the turtle isn’t revealed until later in the comic, the rest of the turtles, save the mystery brother, the rest of the turtles have long since passed on. Leaving this one as the last remaining ninja turtle.

The game hasn’t been made yet, but Paramount cites in a report by Polygon that they’re aiming to make the game a single-player experience. Paramount cites the recent God of War titles as inspiration for this new more mature take on the series.

The studio mentioned that it found a partner who will help them bring this comic arc to life. Paramount mentioned that perhaps the other turtles will be able to be played in flashback sequences, but they’re not going to be playable in the main story.

This possibly won’t be the first time that TMNT is going to be tailored to a mature audience. Paramount mentioned that there will be more opportunities for TMNT to have “multiple approaches to the franchise”

As for now, the game is a few years off. So, there’s not going to be any information, or a reveal for the game coming out anytime soon. However, the title is happening, and it’s being worked on.