Phil Spencer “Upset With Myself” After Poor Reception of Redfall

Arkane’s latest title Redfall has been heavily criticized over its poor launch. Users from all over the internet have come together to bash the game for its poor state of quality it’s in. Stated problems include performance issues on consoles to how the game treats overall progression. With all of these issues at the forefront in the first week of its launch, players are upset. Turns out, so is the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer.

Phill Spencer Upset with Redfall’s Quality

Redfalls Poor Launch

Aside from the performance issues for Redfall, including its lack of 60 FPS performance mode, there are more problems. For starters, the progression in the title is tied to the host only. This means that if a player bought the game to play with their friends, and they aren’t the host. They won’t be able to continue the journey on their own since they’ll have to repeat missions to catch up to the progress they’ve already completed.

Aside from this, the AI has been criticized for being unresponsive to other players as well as having enemies be nearly non-existent in the game world outside of missions.

One of the people to speak out about their disappointment in the game’s quality is none other than Phil Spencer. You can see his response about the game’s launch in the video embed from Kinda Funny featured below.

Spencer explains in the video that he understands that the team didn’t meet their internal goals, and that he hates to disappoint the Xbox community. And while the quality of the game is inexcusable, he will still defend the creative aspect of the titles:

“One thing I’ll fight is sort of what went wrong, there’s clearly quality and execution things we can do but one thing I won’t do is push against creative aspirations of our teams,” he said.

Spencer states in the interview that Arkane is looking at the current feedback for the game, and plans on not giving up on Redfall until it’s up to the quality that fans expect from Xbox and their developers. However, changes can only reach so far post-release. As for fan reception to these changes, only time will tell what will become of Redfall.