Raft Advanced Biofuel Refiner | What Does it Do?

As important as Biofuel is, maintaining your Biofuel Refiner in Raft is a tedious and time-consuming operation. If you want to make life on the open seas easier for yourself, you should consider an Advanced Biofuel Refiner. It’s one of the advanced machinery items added to the game alongsideĀ the Final Chapter update on June 20, 2022. However, it is also one of the most important machines in the game, which is why we will show you exactly what it does.

What Does The Advanced Biofuel Refiner Do in Raft?

What Does The Advanced Biofuel Refiner Do in Raft?

The Advanced Biofuel Refiner is an upgraded version of the Biofuel Refiner that allows you to produce biofuel more efficiently. You’ll need large quantities late in the game to adequately fuel your raft’s engine and battery charger. Furthermore, it attaches to your fuel pipes, so instead of topping off each machine with a biofuel barrel, you simply feed the Advanced Biofuel Refiner and you’ll have a consistent fuel supply to both systems. As a result, your engine and battery chargers will always be running at 100% capacity. But, what exactly makes biofuel?

Honey and raw foods will be required to power your refiner and dependably create biofuel. The Refiner transforms Honey and raw food at a 1:1 ratio, with a full refiner producing up to three biofuels. Because different foods have different values, some may cook and process into biofuel faster or slower than others. You can find a list of the applicable raw foods and their values at the Raft Fandom wiki. But raw animal heads are unquestionably the best in terms of value and output.

Now you know what an Advanced Biofuel Refiner is and what fuels it, but how do you build one? To do so, you’ll need the blueprint found at the Ranger Station on Balboa Island. If you don’t have the coordinates for Balboa Island in your journal, you’ll have to explore more and catch up. Once you’ve located the blueprint, you can begin making your Advanced Biofuel Refiner. Which consist of 20 plastic, eight Metal ingots, six Titanium ingots, and two Bolt and Hinge.