Raft Strawberry Seeds | How to Get

One of the best ways to keep a steady supply of food and resources in Raft is by utilizing crops. However, gathering some exotic fruits, such as strawberries, can be a difficult task in and of itself. That’s why you’ll need to know the correct steps if you want to get Strawberry Seeds and continue growing Strawberries. Fortunately for you, we’ve included all the steps on how to get Strawberries, harvest Strawberry Seeds, and preserve your crops, just below.

How to Get Strawberry Seeds in Raft

How to Get Strawberry Seeds in Raft

You can only get Strawberry Seeds in Raft by harvesting Strawberry Plants from a crop. Because there is an 80% chance of getting a Strawberry Seed every time you harvest a Strawberry. Meaning, you’ll first need to get your hands on some Strawberry Plants before you can start collecting their seeds. And as of right now, there is only one place you can find Strawberry Plants.

The only place Strawberry Plants spawn and can be found is at Tangaroa (the giant city enclosed by a hexagon sphere). If you don’t have its coordinates in your Journal yet, you’ll need to complete the objectives at Caravan Island to unlock its location. More specifically, you must access the mayor’s office and look for the documents containing Tangaroa’s coordinates.

When you arrive at Tangaroa, venture on the water around the outside until you see an opening in the base. This is the entry to the Basement Area, and your ticket to get Strawberry Plants. You’ll find them about halfway through your exploration of the Basement Area, and you’ll want to collect all nine to have the best chance of obtaining the most seeds. You can come back as the Plants will respawn after a day; simply wait a day and return.

Now that you have your strawberries and hopefully some Strawberry Seeds, you can begin cultivating them. Strawberry Seeds can be planted in small or medium crop plots. From there, it’s just a matter of recycling the seeds until your luck with their drop rate runs out. Once you’ve run out, return to Tangaroa to collect more Strawberry Plants!