Roblox: Blox Fruit | How to Get Saber

The Saber in Roblox Blox Fruit, better known as Shank’s Saber, is obtained by defeating the level 200 Saber Expert. To find him, you must first solve the Saber Expert puzzle, which we will demonstrate in this guide. However, you must be at least level 200 to complete the puzzle and have a chance at defeating the saber expert. If you’ve already reached that level, great! Let’s start solving the puzzle, killing the Saber Expert, and obtaining his Saber.

How to Get Saber in Blox Fruit

How to Get Saber in Blox Fruit

To obtain the Saber in Blox Fruit, begin by activating all five green buttons on the two islands that make up Jungle Island. The first three buttons can be found on the main jungle island. The other two are located on the smaller jungle island, known as Gorilla King’s island.

Once you’ve pressed all five buttons, proceed to the quest giver NPS house, which is located in the center of the lake on the main island. When you enter, there will be a hole in the floor; go down to see a poem on the wall with a torch. Take the torch and make your way to Desert Island. Look for the collapsed house with the red door on Dessert Island. When you enter it, you will see a curtain. Equip your torch, and the curtain will burn, revealing a secret room.

You’ll find a poem and a cup inside the room, grab the cup and head to Frozen Village. Once there, enter the cave to find an icicle dripping water from the roof. Fill the cup with one drop of water while standing beneath it. After filling the cup, go to the top of the village and enter the house near the Sword Dealer of the East to find the Sick Man. Speak with him then proceed to Pirate Village.

Once at Pirate Village, find and speak with the Rich Man. He’ll task you with killing the Mob Leader, who can be found on an island north of Pirate Village. Once you defeat him, return to speak with the Rich Man. As a reward, he will give you a relic, which is the final step in reaching the Saber Expert.

Return to Jungle Island and enter the stone structure next to Blox Fruit Dealers Cousin. A relic-shaped hole in the wall is located next to the stairs. Simply place the relic in the hole in the wall, and it will open, revealing the Saber Expert boss fight. When you defeat the Saber Expert, he’ll drop the Saber, which is now yours to wield.

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