Sea of Thieves Always Yours Commendation | How to Complete

The Always Yours Commendation is part of the Wild Rose Tall Tale set in Sea of Thieves, and you must finish all six commendations in order to complete the Legendary “Always Yours” Commendation. Doing so gives you the Wild Rose Wheel and further lets you purchase the Thriving Wild Rose Set for your ship. It’s definitely one of the coolest ship setups in the game. However, consequently, it’s also one of the most difficult Commendations to complete. But if you’re up for the challenge, we’ve got the guidance right here.

How to Complete the Always Yours Commendation in Sea of Thieves

How to Complete the Always Yours Commendation in Sea of Thieves

To begin the Wild Rose Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves, go to Sanctuary Outpost. Talk to Madam Olive and after the book to begin the commendations will be available at the outpost, just to her left.

1. The Path of Lovers Commendation – To begin, you must collect the Chest of Memories. The location is on page 15 of your Tall Tale book. Once you’ve found it, more pages will appear in your Tall Tale book, directing you to George’s Spice Box and Rose’s Music Box. Return these items to Madam Olive to complete the commendation and she’ll give you the Lover’s Compass.

2. Rose’s Fate – The Lover’s Compass will direct you to Rose. Once you’ve found her, take Rose’s pendant and one last love letter to unlock the commendation.

3. George’s Fate – Now the compass will change course, directing you to George’s location. You’ll get in a duel here so be prepared, but once you win you can grab George’s Pendant, unlocking the commendation.

4. Wild Rose – Now head back to Sanctuary Outpost and return both of these pendants to Madam Olive. This will unlock the Wild Rose commendation.

5. Ture Treasure – For this commendation, you’ll need to find all five of the lover’s journals. You can locate them in the first 15 pages of the Tall Tale book. But we’ll tell you right now the location of all five is found at Lone Cover, Sailor’s Bounty, Rapier Cay, Cannon Cove, Lagoon of Whispers. You’ll need to read the book for their exact location.

6. The Seas of Eternity – To complete this commendation, you need to re-complete the Wild Rose Tall Tale (steps 1 to 5), four more times, for a total of five.

7. Always Yours – After completing this Tall Tale five times, you will receive the Always Yours commendation and the Thriving Wild Rose ship set.

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