Sea of Thieves Umber Splashtail Trophy | How to Get

Nothing beats a trophy or plaque to commemorate your adventures across the open waters of Sea of Thieves. And one you may be eager to get is the Umber Splashtail trophy, which is a plaque of the rare fish that you can use to decorate your ship. Obtaining that plaque, however, is no easy task, nor is obtaining the rare fish variant. But, with a little luck and the help of this guide, we will show you how to get the Umber Splashtail trophy in a Sea of Thieves.

How to Get the Umber Splashtail Trophy in Sea of Thieves

How to Get the Umber Splashtail Trophy in Sea of Thieves

To obtain the Umber Splashtail trophy in Sea of Thieves, you must catch at least ten Umber Splashtails. This is necessary because it will complete the required accommodation and Pirate Milestone needed to unlock the “Admired Umber Splashtail Plaque” at the Shipwright Shop.

By catching all ten, you’ll unlock class 10 in the “Splashtails Caught” Pirate Milestone. Then, in order to earn the “Hunter of the Umber Splashtail (Grade 1)” commendation, you must deliver all ten of your caught Umber Splashtails to the Shipwright Shop. Once both of these requirements have been met, the “Admired Umber Splashtail Plaque” will be purchasable at the Shipwright Shop for 100,000 gold.

Obtaining ten Umber Splashtails can be difficult because there is no set method for catching the rare fish variant. Umber Splashtails can be caught anywhere on the map. The only trick to catching Splashtails is fishing without a bait on your rod. That’s because other fish types will be drawn into the bait. As a result, catching ten of the fish will be a tedious fishing grind.

Catching more of the rare fish will unlock higher-grade plaques. Ten grants the “Admired” rarity plaque; 20, the “Prized” rarity; 50, the “Treasured” rarity; and finally 100 to unlock the rarest of them all, the “Cherished” plaque.

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