Skyrim Soul Tomatoes | Where to Find

Enchanting weapons in Skyrim is how you make the most of your arsenal. Yyou can find weapons pre-enchanted, or you can enchant them yourself. However, enchantments always run out. To refill their charge, you need Soul Gems, which are pretty hard to come by. Luckily, Soul Tomatoes are always there for you. If you’re unfamiliar, you may be asking yourself, what in the world is a Soul Tomato? That’s normal, as they’re a bit of a rare delight. But, rest assured, they’re real, and they’re extremely helpful.

Where to Find Soul Tomatoes in Skyrim

Where to Find Soul Tomatoes in Skyrim

Soul Tomatoes are effectively Grand Soul Gems, one of the strongest types of Soul Gems in Skyrim. However, an issue that arises with Soul Gems is how hard they are to find. They come few and far in between, and refilling them is tough, since you need to make sure the right soul goes into the gem. Plus, they get erased when you make them.

However, if you happen to make your way to over to the west side of the map, you’ll find yourself in The Reach. This is the section of Skyrim where Markarth lies. If you work your way north up the river, you’ll find yourself in a small mining town called Karthwasten. From there, if you continue to head east, and up a hill, you’ll come across a camp. There are some bandits there, and a named enemy you’ll need to dispatch, but once you’re done, you’ll be able to investigate the camp yourself.

This camp is where you’ll find the Soul Tomatoes. And lucky for you, you can also make them respawn. This effectively gives you an unlimited supply of completely regenerating Soul Gems for you to use. On top of that, they’ll always have a Grand soul in them, which means you’ll be getting the most out of your enchantments every time.