Stardew Valley Chicken Friendship | How to Increase

Stardew Valley lets players take care of different kinds of animals during their daily farm routine. One of the most important creatures in the game, though, is the chicken as these are often the earliest animals acquired by players. Though each of these critters have their own respective Heart Meter, maximizing your friendship points with your chickens is important because it raises the quality of the eggs they provide. Here’s how you can increase your friendship with chickens.

How to Increase Chicken Friendship in Stardew Valley

How to Increase Chicken Friendship in Stardew Valley

You can raise your friendship with chickens by consistently feeding them, petting them, and letting them out of the chicken coop daily. A high Friendship Level with animals will enable you to get better items, such as Large Eggs. It also improves the quality of the ingredients, as creatures you have a good relationship with often yield Gold or even Iridium Star materials.

Although an ingredient’s star rating doesn’t affects a recipe’s quality, it does provide more gold when shipped. The price differences between tiers are also notable as Gold Star Large Eggs can be sold for 142g. On the other hand, Iridium Star Large Eggs are sold for a whopping 190g each.

Before you can keep chickens, however, you’ll have to build a coop on your farm where you can keep them first. To have it constructed, you’ll need to gather 300 Wood, 100 Stone, and 4,000g. Once you’ve gathered the necessary resources, you can simply talk to Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop to start the process.

You will then have to wait three days before the coop is fully built. Afterwards, you’ll be able to buy chickens from Marnie for only 800g each. They’ll be automatically delivered to your coop once purchased so you can start raising your friendship with them quickly.

It’s important to note, though, that chickens don’t immediately produce eggs after being bought. They’ll need to be fed for three nights first before they mature, which is when they’ll start laying eggs.

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